T.H-C Watseba Bio

This is where you get the latest on what’s up with T.H-C and his history as the greatest rapper to ever live

T.H-C is an award nominated African Hip Hop Superstar, from Cape Town currently residing in Johannesburg, active since 2012 till present, specializing in all types of hip hop and urban music.

“T.H-C is a bubbling hip hop artist from Cape Town, with his debut 7441-DoN, he is making waves with audiences, boasting a global audience, even being broadcasted on international Television shows and radio stations” (Scaresinfo, 2016)

T.H-C’s debut digital album is titled ‘7441-DoN’ has to date garnered over 50 000 streams

An impressive 30 000 music video view’s between YouTube and Facebook respectfully

Now as of January 2018, T.H-C has released THC cups

With more merchandise on the way,all the support is highly appreciated

T.H-C is currently working on his sophomore project “Tha T.H-C : Season 1” , a movie soundtrack compilation titled “Tha Insurrection” and E.P titled The observed. After the release of his 3rd music video “Never Ends”, T.H-C is set to release the 4th music video coming from his debut project titled “Time”.

7441-DoN is the debut digital album by South African hip hop recording artist T.H-C; it was released on September 26, 2016, independently. With music video’s ‘Fcuk boy’, ‘Stoned Steve biko’  already available, The release of the music video for “never end’s” being scheduled for 11 September 2017. Featuring 23 tracks it has earned T.H-C nominations in the AMA’s under “Song of the Year” for Never Ends(prod.by Beatsmith) & “Best M.C” for Stoned Steve Biko(prod. By Chuby Chux), Also being nominated for “Best collaboration” for his infectious hit “Bonkers” featuring J ro. T.H-C has represented the country and continent as being the first African artist to be featured on American hip hop channel “Live from the b-sides. The music video for ‘Fcuk boy’ premiered on Bronx New York based Video City Television to the “freshman videos” charts.

With 3 documentaries under his name titled ‘Triple P documentaries’ and garnering high rotation on most internet and community radio stations. His songs are featured on many DJ mixtapes. Between 2017 and 2018, T.H-C plans to release a total of 6 music video’s for his 7441-DoN project, a documentary titled “1080 dp Hyroglyph’s” and continue to run his live show “T.H-Ur’s-Day” which is made to engage with fan’s at a more intimate level thereafter, he plans to release 4 digital projects’s including the “1080 dp Hyroglyph’s” soundtrack which will feature various artists, his sophomore effort titled “Tha THC: Season 1 : Wake ‘n Bake” ,& 3rd project ”Tha THC: Season 2 : Blak Chucky”, and The Obzerved

T.H-C Watseba is a new age hip hop artist, whose music explores the mind of a young hustler, coming up in the new South Africa, with influences ranging from reggae, all hip hop, house, maskandi, RnB and heavy metal. He calls himself T.H-C cause his music uplifts.

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