7441_DoN (Digital album)

7441_DoN (Digital album)

Digital album by T.H-C
Released September 26, 2016
Recorded 2012–2015
Studio Blak Studios, DC studio, Krypton studio, Trizzle studio
Genre Hip hop, trap, deep, hardcore
Length 91:00
Label Watseba Ent
Download and stream https://www.datafilehost.com/d/4a98be9e



Producer T.H-C (Executive) , Joy Khambule (Executive) , The Genesis (Executive) ,

Tumelo Mashabela / The Genesis

Tumeyo Krypton Chipungu,

 Nka Mbendera Beatsmith

Terry Kamhiriri , (featuring Muso G Koatla)

Wanda Songelwa Toxsick


Anda Xaso ,PittThaKiD,

Tanaka Mutizwa Trizzle

Batto Mataya romeo whisky

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Tha T.H-C : Season 1 ‘Wake N Bake’


Singles from 7441_DoN
1.      “Madiba Money”

Released: October 1, 20122.      “Time

Released: October 2, 20153.      “ Your Turn

Released: April 20, 2016

4.      “Fcuk Boy

Released:  Nov 21, 2016

5.      “Never Ends”

Released: September 24, 2016

7441_DoN  is the debut Digital album by African rapper T.H-C. It was released on  September 26, 2016, by Watseba Ent. The album features production provided by TRK_music,Beatsmith, Romeo Whisky, Toxsick, The Genesis, Trizzle , Krypton , Chuby Chux, Anda, PittTheKid, CamGotHits and also it includes guest appearances from The Genesis, J Ro, Moose,Preezy, ExXaviour Ché, Tyler, Romeo Whisky, among others.

The album features an array of different themes and gritty lyrics about the “hustler” lifestyle, with a total of 23 songs. The digital album scored T.H-C the two out of three AMA’s nomination.

7441_DoN It was promoted with five singles; including “Your Turn” and “Time“.



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The lead single from the album, called “Your turn” was released on April 20, 2016. The song was produced by CamGotHits After the release of Madiba Money and Time, during of which the digital Album was untitled.

The album’s second single, “Never Ends” was released on September 24, 2016. The song was produced by Beatsmith

The album’s third single, “Fcuk Boy” was released on November 21, 2016 alongside the debut music video from the project, the song was produced by Beatsmith.


In 2012, aspiring rapper T.H-C was recruited as a member by Blak hand to appear as a label affiliate.[3] While studying he [3continued to pursue a rap career and appeared on songs from various artists including The Blak Hand, Sly Mo, Reza & many more. T.H-C then released his debut single “Concrete Caveman” along with the remix featuring Blak Hand.

The success of his first single led to the release of “Madiba Money” featuring the genesis.

The title of the album was based on Summer Greens a neighbourhood in Cape Town which in his own words “Made me the Don I am”.
The album’s cover art designed by Lindelani features a current picture of T.H-C with Summer greens in the background, it is composed of 23 songs, for each year has lived Released 26 September 2016, with official singles, ‘Your Turn’, ‘Time’ , leaked singles ‘Madiba Money’, ‘Bonkers’ and Laughing at ya(L.O.L).

T.H-C released 7441_DoN independantly [7]Music and lyrics[edit]

7441_DoN was recorded and mixed at various studios, as well as its beats formed by different producers across the country. “Madiba Money” was produced by Timeless militia Toxsick a producer from T.H-C’s hometown Summer greens in 2012, while the vocals were recorded in Blak Hand studios in Sunnyside by The Genesis who featured on it as well. The Genesis produced “Trippin“, “Too Weak” and “Constructed Confusion” in the same year[[8] recording continued from 2012 through to 2016. Recorded in 2015, “Time” was a heartfelt song recorded by T.H-C, when he recorded 5 songs in one night at krypton studios after punching in at 1 am and punching out 7 am, upon hearing J Ro insisted on jumping on the song adding in his own legendary verse.[8]


Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by T.H-C, and featured Artists.

No. Track Writer(s) Producer Length
1. ‘Stoned Steve Biko ‘ Dinkwanyana Aphane, Chuby chux 1:44
2.  ‘No Changes’ Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Tumelo Mashabela

Chuby chux 4:41
3. Tripping Dinkwanyana Aphane, The Genesis 4:17
4.  Time Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Roy M Nyirenda

Faucet Instrumental 4:27
5. Against All Odds Dinkwanyana Aphane, Krypton 4:00
6.   Never Ends Dinkwanyana Aphane, Beatsmith 3:53
7. Energy Bars Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Muso G Koatla

TRK 4:01
8. Paper   Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Precious Preezy Agbaranta Tumelo Mashabela

The Genesis 5:30
9. Shining   Dinkwanyana Aphane, Toxsick 5:06
10. Too Weak Dinkwanyana Aphane, The Genesis 4:23
11.   I like it Like That Dinkwanyana Aphane, The Genesis 5:10
12.   Fcuk Boy   Dinkwanyana Aphane, Beatsmith 2:50
13. Your Turn Dinkwanyana Aphane, CamGotHits 4:15
14. Constructed confusion Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Thando Sigege

The Genesis 4:20
15   FCKD Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Beatsmith 4:25
16   I belong to the game Dinkwanyana Aphane,


Anda Xaso 3:39
17 Wine (Skit) 00:41
18 Merlot Moments Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Beatsmith 4:25
19 The Root Dinkwanyana Aphane,

PittThaKiD 3:38
20  Madiba Money Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Tumelo Mashabela

Toxsick 4:50
21  Living Life Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Trizzle 2:10
22 Bushman Dinkwanyana Aphane,

The Genesis 5:11
23 Trippy Wit Us Dinkwanyana Aphane,

Batto Mataya

Romeo whisky 3:42
  91:00 mins


  • “Constructed Confusion” contains additional vocals from The Genesis
  • No Changes” pays homage to Tupac Shakur, sampling ambitions as a ridah
  • “Time” is over Earl Sweatshirt “Faucet” instrumental



  • T.H-C – performer, executive producer
  • The Genesis – producer, executive producer, Mixing
  • Kareem “Biggs” Burke – executive producer
  • Musa G –mixing
  • Krypton – producer, mixing
  • Trizzle– producer, mixing
  • Koffee – producer, mixing
  • Romeo Whisky – producer, mixing



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